Header image for Deveo Studio
Website illustrations for Deveo Studio
Header image, illustrations, icons and team portraits for web page.
Deveo Studio is an illustration and animation studio with a handful of collaborating artists that began its activity in 2013. 
In 2019 we decided to redo our webpage and give it a modern, vibrant look that would reflect our values and mission, as well as show potential clients the people behind the drawings and animations.

We'd held brainstorming sessions to come up with the concept of the webpage. This is where I came in the picture as the illustrator who'd craft the main illustrations for the page giving it a unified look.

After a few meetings we landed on the idea of a scene with a band of adventurous artists finding the coveted art making button, hidden deep in the jungle.
Of course, there is no Magic Art Making Button. There are no one-click solutions, for artists or the people who hire them...
However, clicking the button on the header image does take the visitor to the section where we shed light on the process and workflow behind our projects, with the promise that collaboration with our studio is as seamless and rewarding as pushing a big red button.
I had a pretty good idea about what I wanted the image to look like: a rag-tag band of creatives using diverse tools to make art converging towards the main feature of the image, the red button.
Final illustration before I had added the blur on the foreground characters. I separated the planes into foreground midground and background for parallax.
For the image in the This is Who We Are section I used blocks of paper as stand-ins for the studio building and introduced the paper airplane metaphor. This paper airplane as shorthand for creativity and craft carried over into the icons in the section where we explain the steps of the illustration and animation process.
To keep a consistent color palette that was also versatile I used gradient maps for the coloring phase.
Side by side of first thumbnail and final image.
Finally, below are the team portraits I drew for everyone working with the studio at the time of making. The last one is me!
Thank you!
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